PlayBrain Inc.

PlayBrain was established in 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, and is one of the leading esports companies in the country. To learn more about PlayBrain's story, please visit out About page.

Senior Team

Mike Sheetal


PlayBrain founder, Mike Sheetal, brings more than 18 years experience in advertising and games. He first began his career in games in 1998 at Brilliant Digital Entertainment in Sydney, Australia. There, he ran the motion capture studio as in-house motion capture director for games, television commercials and even film.After moving to Japan in 2002, Mike worked in television production before helping to establish the digital agency, Cybermedia, with clients such as Renault, Lufthansa and Allianz.In 2007, Mike established his own agency, UltraSuperNew, and ran it as CEO for 9 years before selling it in early 2016. During that time, he helped establish Red Bull in the Japanese market, worked with MINI, Reebok, Heineken, Netflix, Supercell, Electronic Arts, Blizzard, and helped launch Clash of Clans and Hearthstone in Japan.His latest venture, PlayBrain, focuses on the games industry with the mission to bring brand back to the communication.All time favourite games: Myst, Final Fantasy 7, Hearthstone, GTA IV, Fez
Satoshi Kasahara

Executive Producer

Satoshi brings 10+ years of experience in events, social media and graphic production to PlayBrain. His extensive experience producing live streaming programs on NicoNicoDouga and Twitch for AAA game developers and many years of operations at Tokyo Game Show, serve him well as a senior Producer in the teamAll time favourite games: All FPS! (especially Battlefield), League of Legends, Monster Hunter
Keisuke Takaso

Executive Producer

Keisuke is a veteran of moving image production, with a career spanning small and large TV and TVCM productions, media sales and advertising. He is one of the most active producers in Japan creating video projects for eSports and games, including event and broadcast moving image, and multiple documentary series documenting the lives of gamers.All time favourite games: Breath of Fire Ⅲ, League of Legends, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Turtles in Time, Tomb Raider, Twisted Metal, NBA2K16

Company Info

Company Name

PlayBrain Inc. (株式会社プレイブレーン)


301 EBISU-WEST, Ebisunishi 1-16-15, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 150-0021

Date of Incorporation

15th January, 2016


¥815,069,152 (including capital reserves)

Board of Directors

Michael Sheetal - Representative DirectorHenry ”Buddy” Marini - DirectorLingyun Hua - Director


Esports operation and management, media programming production and broadcast, website development, consulting, dispatched workers and related activities.