Hello, we're PlayBrain!

With a powerful gaming legacy and passionate player base, esports in Japan can take a place next to other major markets in global esports and solidify itself as a leader in gaming. PlayBrain's mission is to help esports and game culture in Japan reach and exceed that potential by developing events, services and communities to build esports in the market and make Japan esports relevant on a global scale.

From Passion to Vision

PlayBrain was founded is 2016 by a group of passionate gamers and marketers, looking to shake up the way games were marketed in Japan.

Team members share the passion of gaming and esports with fans and players. With this perspective we develop esports scenes for games, and engage in creative development, planning, growing streaming audiences and attracting new users.

PlayBrain is a proud member of the Future Design Shibuya, Shibuya 5G Entertainment Project and the operation partner of ePARA.


International Network

PlayBrain’s strength has always been our ability to work locally in Japan and partner globally. With a team capable of connecting around the globe and bringing the best the world has to offer back to Japan, PlayBrain is leveraging that capability to establish Japanese esports on the global stage. PlayBrain is the ideal partner to establish global brands in Japan or extend visibility for Japanese esports to the world.

PlayBrain works with some of the best gaming brands in the world.


Marketing Opportunity

PlayBrain believes in a concept of marketing called Frictionless Media. Instead of creating invasive ads run against content, frictionless media is itself the content that people are interested in engaging with. For a brand, this means creating a touch point with consumers that is direct, and even desirable for the consumer.

Esports and competitive gaming represent one of the best opportunities to make that frictionless connection for a brand. Esports fans are passionate, often overlookeed and fast growing in numbers. They have a strong digital presence, that allows sophisticated interactions, and social reach.

PlayBrain can help your brand identify the right opportunities to reach gamers in a way they are happy with. From the top esports events such as League of Legends Japan League to casual game streaming shows, PlayBrain has years of experience integrating brands in authentic ways. If the right opportunity doesn’t exist yet, we can help build it.